Good Life

He is the Light

The Christ child was born in a manger

for there was no room in the Inn,

He was the son of God

and the savior of our sins.

No trumpets would sound

to announce the birth of the new King,

though many came to adore Him

and the angels did sing.

Three wise men brought Him gifts

of gold frankincense and myrrh,

for they knew He was the messiah

and the savior of our world.

The angels spoke to the shepherds

as they tended to their sheep,

and a bright star would show them the way

to where the Christ child was asleep.

The story of Christ's birth

is the greatest story ever told,

it warms the hearts of everyone

from the time that we are children...

until the time that we grow old.

In a world filled with so much darkness

He would come to be The Light,

to ensure the hearts of those who follow

will be filled with eternal delight.