Good Life


January is the month

The new year rolls around

The Christmas decorations

Are being,slowly taken down

The New Year's resolutions

That we made on New Year's day

By the middle of the month

They too will fade away

The holidays are over now

Back to school ,the children go

And everywhere my neighborhood

Is blanketed in snow

It's a bargain hunter's paradise

As winter clearance sales begin

The merchants clear their winter stock

For arrival of their spring

The skies are usually dark and gray

Of their leaves,the trees are bare

And everyone is bundled up

As snowflakes futter through the air

There are many winter activities

For those braving the cold's not hard

There is skiing,skating,snowmobiling and sledding

Or building a snowman in the yard

January's not so bad

If to yourself ,you say

Winter time is leaving soon

And spring is on it's way