Good Life

Machine Shop

Air gauges, beam clamps, black iron, brass nipples,

Cardboard, copper wires, dirt, drive belts, dust,

Electric motors, flange bolts, fuses, gazing at the clock,

Gloves of grease and grime, hefts of 3-horsepower motors,

Hex nuts, hose clamps, insulated wires, lint,

Memories of a hawk that soared in the twilight blue,

Motor oil, nails, navy blue uniforms, plastic bins

Of blue and yellow, plastic tubings, rows and rows and rows

Of screws and shelves, sludge, smells like rancid caramel

Of polyvinyl butyral, stainless steel, steel drums,

Things I could not order, vacuum gauges,

Waiting to see the sun, washers, xylene.