Good Life


Sixteen storms since Christmas Day,

And none of it would go away.

Each snow piled high upon the last

As we suffered through the wintry blast -

So hard to get to work or store -

Each day a monumental chore, And no old-timer dared to say

That things were much worse in his day!

The sun was tired and hid her face -

Dark storm clouds were her hiding place,

And weeks and weeks of sullen skies

So drear and dreadful to our eyes.

And then, today, the sun did shine

And showed to me a diamond mine -

Diamonds strewn atop the snow -

A million million there, I know!

Riches spread out beyond belief -

Their sparkle chasing care and grief.

They glisten brightly in the yard

And there's no need for armed guard.

The Royal Jewels in London town

Don't glow like these upon the ground.

The queen herself would envious be

That all this wealth belongs to me!

These riches all are mine, that's true -

But I will share them, dear, with you -

And we'll forget the winter's woe

As we gaze at diamonds in the snow.