Good Life

Finding Love

Take a minute and look around.

Do you see a world of people who love you,

or do you see bare surroundings,

where love seems to be very few?

Look in your own home,

up each step, and in each space.

Look in your school,

through each hallway, and in each face.

Look in your workplace,

out each window, and through each doorway.

Look throughout the streets,

and listen to the words your friends say.

Is love there,

through each step of each day?

Through each twist and turn

when our Lord guides the way?


Love can be how a daughter loves her mother,

shown through each hug and kiss,

each giggle and laugh,

knowing you can’t leave for a day without being missed.

Love can be the way classmates love each other

how they play and goof around,

laughing out loud,

when teachers tell them not to make a sound.

Love can be that from Our Lord God,

Our very own Savior,

His never-ending protection and forgiveness,

for our bad behavior.

Love is everywhere,

in one way or another,

so let’s spread it to the whole world,

show that we truly love each other.