Good Life

The Encounter

Yesterday, I spotted a doe quietly grazing

through the grass and clover -

raising her head only slightly to

twitch her big ears.

A doe is the master of camouflage -

it took me sometime to pick out her

brown form while she stood silently in

the tall grass.

She did not sense my presence at first,

but quickly we were gazing eye to eye.

To my amazement, she was not startled

instead leaped cautiously across the field

until she was even closer.

What was it that kept her from running?

Perhaps she sensed in some surreal way

I was no danger to her.

I longed to touch her soft coat, caress

her ears & speak to her in gentle tones -.

Sadly, guns & arrows have kept

her fearful of any human touch.

For a brief moment we were connected

by the rhythm of two beating hearts.

Nature & discord were silent -

the flowing trees and meadow grass

listened but did not utter a sound.