Good Life

The Day we Met

(Written for my fiancee David Fisk ) I waited neverously at the bus station

For my secret admirer to arrive

I could feel the tention building

And the butterflies inside

But as he walked into the room

That purple ribbon in his hand

I could feel the tention dissapear

When ,wrapped in his arms ,I stand

As we hugged each other tenderly

I remember the warm feelings I felt

My doubts and fears all faded away

As the ice began to melt

Our few days we spent together

Were filled with tenderness and love

For the happiness we experienced

I thank the Lord above

We made many lifetime memories

That I treasure in my heart

They would get me through the hard times

In the months we'll be apart

He told me that he loved me

He was gentle,sweet and kind

But as yet I did not realize

No greater love I'd ever find

As I drove him ,to catch his bus back home

My whole world seemed to fall apart

As my tears began to fall,I knew

I loved Dave with all my heart