Good Life

Nature's Most Beautiful Things

A red sunset in the evening

Stars twinkiling like diamonds in the sky

The colored leaves in autumn

As they gently flutter by

A brilliant colored rainbow

A warm and gentle rain

Snowflakes softly falling

Outside my window pane

Crystal clear refreshing water

Flowing leisurely down stream

The early morning dew drops

Sparkling in the grass so green

The golden glow of a full moon

As it lights the darkened night

The gorgeous colored flowers

That make our landscape bright

Blue skies with a whisper of white clouds

Birds softly singing in the trees

The sunshine on a summer day

With a soft and tender breeze

The mammoth waves of the ocean

As they crash against the shores

The soft warm sandy beaches

The eagle as it soars

We take all these things for granted

So do we take time to really see?

The splendid beauty of these natural things

God has given to you and me