Good Life

Papa will you come home?

You stood there

Waving the stars and stripes

You were in the crowd, yet

Seemed lonely;

I could feel your heart’s empty laughter

You had no tears

I could still feel the warmth of your tears;

You just stood there, not even blinking,

as if the world will become dark if you blinked;

I could see the light reflect from your face,

the rays of hope, hopes for a

tomorrow where it will be you and me again;

Fun and frolic,

The baseball games we played,

The ice cream cones we shared;

Years ran by in a split second

The clock stopped for me;

Still your voice resounds in me

Ringing through the bunker where

I am huddled up;

Still your words run through me;

Still I see your shining face,

Still I feel the rays of hope,

Still I see you standing,

Still I could read your lips quivering asking

Papa will you come home?