Good Life

Memorial Day

In loving memory of our fallen heros

Who lost their lives for others

For freedom,liberty,justice and safety

Of our sisters and our brothers

In memory of our armed force members

Who, in battle lost their lives

For their love of America,our people,their flag

Never returned to their children,husbands and wives

In memory of our firefighters

Who perished in smoke and flames

To save the lives and property of strangers

That they didn't even know their names

In memory of our brave police officers

Who lost their lives to serve and protect

Killed in the line of duty

Deserve our remerbrance and deepest respect

In memory of our everyday citizens

Who cast fear and danger aside

And gave the ultimate sacrifice (their lives)

So that others could survive

Memorial Day is to remember and honor

Those whose bravery,courage and love can't be denied

Who gave up the most precious gift of life

To save so many other's lives