Good Life


My momma was so good to me, she loved me.

Daily, she made me breakfast, daddy read the Bible

Wonderful memories as men as she smiling tenderly.

One thing I will never forget as long as I scribble.

\My momma prayed for me daily in her bedroom;

Talking to God, she always mentioned my name.

This was very special; God always heard so soon.

God likes momma, I know "cause He is the same.

Ny momma cooks, cleans, cares for me each day.

Her love is so big and strong "cause she is the best.

Lots of mommas don"t do what momma does or pray;

When it comes to mommas, I think abqut all the rest.

Ny momma will always be beautiful, loving, and kind.

She is a good Christian; goes to church every week.

She reads her Bible and helps daddy to find;

Joy and smiles, loves him, kisses him on the cheek