Good Life

What the American Flag Means to Me

You ask, what does the

American flag mean to me?

To express my thought to you

I’ll use poetry

Long before the attacks

of two thousand and one

The American flag was on

Display in my home.

It’s embossed on my clothing

It’s displayed on my car

It hangs on my front door

Those bright stripes and bright stars.

The flag reminds me of wars

Where soldiers lives have been lost

I enjoy this country’s freedoms

Because brave men paid the cost!

The quest to be happy . ...

Life and liberty ...

These unalienable rights

The flag speaks them to me.

The flag to me is a symbol

Of loyalty towards this nation

I see as one under God

Since its time of formation.

The flag mean so much more

Than my words can impart

It’s a symbol of patriotism

Deep in my American heart.

Protesters have burned the flag

What a disgrace, don’t they know

Soldiers died through the ages

For their “right” to do so?

I will pledge my allegiance

Until the day that I die

To God and my country

Long may “Old Glory” fly!