Good Life

Summer Heat

I don't like summer weather

I really hate to sweat

In the heat and the humitity

I just get dripping wet

Don't like lying in the scorching sun

Don't really need a tan

Would rather just lie on my couch

Beneath my ceiling fan

Don't like eating outdoors

Sharing my food with all the ants

Don't like bees,wasps and mosquitoes

Whe around your face,they dance

I hate July and August

When the summer heat is swealtering

Got on the least clothes ,the law allows

And still feel like I'm melting

Don't like walking on the beach

With burning sand beneath my feet

And if I stay outdoors to long

I get red just like a beet

I know this heat won't last to long

But I can't wait for the day

When the autumn leaves are everywhere

And summer goes away