Good Life

Geesh, I'm Hot!

I thought that I'd be glad to see,

the end of winter's tricks.

But now I'm so consumed in sweat,

cause it's a sunny, eighty-six.

Can it be, I'm one of those,

that simply can't be pleased?

And there's way too many birds around,

uh oh,, ACHOO!, I sneezed.

I don't know whether it's just me,

is the weather too dry or wet?

I know that I don't like the cold,

but it could be better yet.

I feel healthier in the winter,

though in warmth, I'd rather be.

And it's pretty to see the flowers bloom,

and some green leaves on a tree.

The dandelions have all died,

but weeds are flourishing everywhere,

And after mowing, I often find,some spiders in my hair.

Spiders simply, I don't like,

they are a dreaded sight.

I remember well, my leg did swell,

from a brown, wood spider bite.

I've just got out the window fans,

but still, I'm soaked with sweat.

Four months ago, I wanted June,

just why, I now, forget.