Good Life

The Dog Days of Summer

Summer is here

and it's hot as can be,

my bowl is bone dry

oh how it stinks to be me.

My master went to the neighbors

to swim in their pool,

but poor little old me

I just sit here and drool.

The sky is getting dark

I do believe it might rain,

a cool breeze is blowing

so my master headed home again.

Oh there's nothing more refreshing

than a mid summer's rain,

it's cool and refreshing

nothing feels quite the same.

It was after it stopped raining

when things got worst than before,

the thermometer said 95

but it sure felt like 104.

It's now all hot and steamy

so I'll seek shelter under the deck,

my fur is all matted

I look like a wreck.

I wish this day was over

I do believe I've had enough,

during this dog day of summer

things got pretty darn ruff.