Good Life

The Contest


Read the sign on Turner's store.

Granny couldn't bake a pie,

but sashayed through the door.

She purchased several pie tins,

loaded up on flour and lard.

Cause making up some pastry

couldn't possibly be that hard.

She mixed and stirred ingredients

in a wash tub from the stable.

It bubbled, burped and belched

as she rolled it on the table.

These pies she knew were special,

they possessed a "country charm."

It must be from the wash tub

that she'd taken from the barn.

She filled the dough with berries,

added whiskey by the tin,

popped a top crust on her pie

and pinched around the rim.

The oven was preheated,

the pies were set to bake,

the gas stove caught a whiskey scent

and exploded like a quake.

Granny never won that contest,

but that fact brought her no shame.

NASA bought the recipe

that rocketed her to fame.