Good Life

Summer Nights

As the summer day turns into night

And the heat of the day subsides

The cooler evening temperature

Can make your body feel more alive

Summer nights can be so beautiful

With stars twinkling in the sky above

While walking barefoot on a sandy beach

Holding hands with the one you love

The golden full moon on a summer night

Illuminates the landscape below

As fire flies sparkle in the air

Childern love to see them glow

A summer night time thunderstorm

Lightning bolts streaking through the night

Or a red sunset at sundown

Is such a gorgeous sight

The brilliant colored fireworks

Bursting through the darkened sky

As we celebrate our countries independence

On the forth day in July

Toasting marshmellows over a campfire

Or cooking a hot dog on a stick is fun

There is something about a summer night

That appeals to everyone