Good Life

My First Trip To The Grange Fair

When I was barely six years old

My parents took me to the Grange Fair

Of all my childhood memories

There were none that could compare

The smells of hamburgs,popcorn and fries

Lingered in the air

The look of happiness ,fun and encitement

Was on faces everywhere

The merry -go -round went round and round

While the rollercoaster climbed the hill

The ferris wheel and merry mixer

Just watching them,gave me a thrill

I stood there in total amazement

Watching the colorful blinking lights

For a tiny little country kid

This was a breathtaking sight

We went to visit the animal barns

To see the horses,sheep,cows and pigs

Then we went to see all the vegetables

I never dreamed a pumpkin could grow so big

There was also a pretty lady

Singing country music on the stage

And a big old mean looking lion

I hoped he would not escape from his cage

But the best part of the fair to me

Was the cotton candy,all sticky and pink

It's sweet taste would melt inside your mouth

Before your eyes could blink

But even though I'm all grown up

Each time I return to the fair

It brings back that little kid in me

That in my heart will always be there