Good Life

Who Am I?

Who am I, you ask?

Let me tell you:

I am warmth, a sun rising over the mountains, bathing everything in a warm light

I am the cold, destroying everything I touch, freezing anything around me

I am young, my mind yearning to learn everything that it can

I am also old, years stretched behind me, the things I know making me wiser

I am kindness, a loving hand stretched out to help,

I am hatred, my claws coming out to destroy you and anything close to your heart

I am peace, tranquility falling over every person’s hearts and minds

I am war, weapons pointed and ready to strike, destroy, burn

I am a road, with many branches stretched from my center, each one giving me a different choice for who to be

Have you still not figured out who I am?

Look in the mirror

I am...