Good Life

"It was 8:48"

It was 8:48

when the first tower was struck,

Americans where still unaware

of the danger which ran amuck.

It took less than an hour

to discover the terrorist's plan,

as they proceeded to follow the orders

of one very evil man.

Without hesitation

many responded to the call,

they saved many lives

and they gave it their all.

It became dark as night

on that mid September day,

when the twin towers would fall

and the world stopped to pray.

Many trapped between an inferno

and a 1,000 foot drop,

made the choice to die with dignity

as those below could only watch.

From the ashes rose many heroes

who refused to lie down and hide,

they unified America

and restored her sweet pride.

As a nation we still mourn

for the many lives lost that day,

in Shanksville,New York and DC

and for those who remain in the war far away.

There are so many images

left on our hearts and minds,

millions recorded forever

all bring tears to our eyes.

Though it's been a few years

since the rubble was lifted away,

the scars are still visible

and forever they'll stay.