Good Life

Reality Hearkening

If you walk through the door frame

You feel the shadow, you feel the cold.

If you shut the door, you'll want out

because Happiness hasn't visited for months.

I used to smile on that couch

I used to laugh on that floor

I used to love,

This House.

If you walk, the floor groans with

the agony that saturates the lives lived here.

If you look closely the walls drip drab gray.

Breathe and see your frosty breath!

Speak and hear your voice echo! Enjoying it?

No? Was it the thought that the Devil

might dine downstairs, or

was it the sight of your own humanity

fleeing the house in sheer terror?

If you walk to the window, wipe the moisture away

You see a picture of the past and ponder.

While thinking, you get an inkling

That the picture of reality isn't real.

It becomes darker and harder to see

and your hands on the window can't move

Fear sits and stares and you now-

He grips your heart and fills your bones.

You take a long shuddering breath

You feel the sweat on your skin and YOU WANT OUT.

Happiness, would you come again?

I used to rest easy on that pillow

I used to eat my fill at that table

I used to love,

This House.