Good Life


Fades away; the darkness, the light in the glory full.

Birds start chirping, the day spreads its wings above

The life begins,

And sounds ringing.

Wind starts to blow,

The water singing.

All misery drowns in the clamor of life,

No evil remains; everything’s alright.

Laughter rings, and the joy profound.

I smiled and smiled; no happiness I found.

Riches I have, fame galore.

Chanted, I , name of God, evermore.

Through the thicket of pain, emerged a winner;

Became a saint, tried to be a sinner.

Shed my blood and sweat, I , tilled the barren ground.

Gave my fortune away, still no happiness I ever found.

Shut my system then, I , and battle-at-large emerged,

With the demons numbered five, my godly soul emerged.

Eons of eons passed, and remained there, one sound.

Infinity merged within me, happiness, at last I found.