Good Life

Stuck on the Track

Stuck on track in the darkness of light.

You’re wrong even when it seems like you’re right.

It feels like everyone is against you.

You’re lost and can’t figure out what to do.

The engine might blow better check the gauge.

This is what happens when no bird fills cage.

Empty inside, undefined, and can’t find.

The answers you need to fill up your mind.

Can this possibly be the perfect way?

Will you find the light of a brand new day?

What is coming up ahead is unknown.

 It is so dark and the window is closed.

I think maybe it will get better soon.

 In this hidden place I can’t even see the moon.

The bright lights are flashing red once again.

Stuck in the tunnel, it’s a drought; no rain.

Noise increases as confusion blurs.

The bird’s in the cage and singing now.

Stuck on the track and I can concur.

What I long for and seek I’ll find somehow.