Good Life


You need something to be thankful for?

Just take a look around.

Be thankful you're American,

and the freedom that you've found.

Be thankful for the chance to breathe,

whether clear or whether smog.

Be thankful if you have good health,

can walk, or run, or jog.

Be thankful for your eyesight,

if your vision is intact.

The colors are so beautiful,

when we see sunlight refract.

Be thankful for what teeth we have,

and the food that we can chew.

And be thankful for our taste buds,

to help enjoy our favorite stew.

Be thankful for our hearing,

and our ears, forget their size,

so that we can hear I love you's,

and can hear our babies cries.

Be thankful for our sense of smell,

but excuse my smelly feet.

Most smells help us to sort out,

if there's trouble, or a treat.

Thank you for the sense of touch,

a sense too overlooked.

We take too much for granted,

when we touch keypad or book.

Give thanks for having family,

they remind us where we came.

They are reasons for they way we are,

and the why we have our name.

Be thankful for the wealth we share,

whether poor, or if your rich.

For the most part we can change things,

if we are willing to make a switch.

Give lots of thanks for special friends,

whether spouse, or bestest bud.

They help to keep us smiling,

they would even give their blood.

There's so much, to be thankful for,

if we only take the time.

To take for granted, what we have,

should be a serious crime.