Good Life


As I awaken in the morning

And I face another day —

Lord, I want to thank you for your presence

And that you hear me when I pray.

I wish to thank you in a special way —

For the simple blessings given me —

Like touch, hearing, smelling, taste and see —

First of all thank you for the gift of sight —

To watch the geese wing and take to flight —

To see the pumpkins growing in a row,

To watch sunsets, rainbows and winter snow. —

Next for the gift of hearing —

To listen to sweet voices, hear children sing,

Hear animal sounds, the swishing of leaves,

The song of birds, and the bells that ring.

Then there's the gift of smell —

That I might enjoy the aroma from the kitchen, oh, so nice —

The sweet smell of the cooking —

Like turkey and pumpkin pie spice.

And then there’s the enjoyment —

Of taste - tempting dishes to eat —

And plenty of fruits and vegetables —

And desserts, and sweets

Next to last, I thank Thee

For the sense of touch

When hurting, need comfort and love —

This is the sense I need so much.

Lastly, I thank you for the sense of balance —

To rise from my bed and stand straight and tall

Ready to face the new day’s challenge with optimism—

And not be defeated, that I may not fall.

Yes, for all the senses you’ve given me

I thank you, dear Lord, most humbly —

This Thanksgiving!