Good Life


Days arrive early, but bright.

The warm kiss of air,

truly a delight.

Time for class.

On the twelfth day,

in remembrance of my birth,

I return home as droplets

pour out of the sky.

Nothing has changed,

all still remains.

I am finally getting used to this place now.

No longer wandering, but walking with

my back upright and my eyes focused

straight ahead.

I spot an elegant fountain.

The water exits pores

into solitary confinement.

I wonder what the older students think

of this environment.


Or rambunctious?

I really hope they are experiencing some of the

the best years of their lives.

The days pass slowly,

but efficiently.

My father told me,

“Live on campus, you’ll learn valuable lessons.”

Knowledge is not derived from textbooks and lectures alone.

There are greater lessons and challenges surrounding these

designated buildings and crowded dormitories.