Good Life

The Brightest Star

For Christina Green Sept 11, 2001- Jan. 8, 2011 Up in Heaven

God stood with open arms,

to receive the little girl

to forever remove her from harm.

She became a little angel

so happy God must be,

to have her there by His side

for all of Heaven to see.

She's forever in our memories

for there she'll never part,

God may hold her in His arms

but we hold her in our hearts.

Just look towards the night sky

and seek the brightest star,

tis the twinkle in a little girls eye

as she looks back from afar.

Our memories are as a chain

which Death cannot break,

they fill the hole in our hearts

like a mountain stream fills a lake.

She's gone to heaven

but her soul lives on,

within the heart of a stranger

one last gift of her love.