Good Life

Cherished Memories

Precious memories of my Mother

forever stored within my mind

I hear her singing gospel music

when my thoughts drift back in time.

Recalling time spent with my brothers

that sped by much too fast

Are unforgettable memories

that I treasure from my past.

I long for the days I spent with my son

before his car crashed into a tree

though my heart forever aches from his passing

he still lives on in my memory.

I have said good-bye much too often

to many people who were very dear to me

The times I spent with them are priceless

thats why they're locked up in my memory.

All those who have gone on before me

each one,on my life left their mark

You can take from me all my possessions

but you cannot take what I hold in my heart.

Looking back on a lifetime of memories

all of my cherished moments in time

It's a blessing to know as I'm aging

I can thus far keep them stored in my mind.