Good Life

Morning breaks

Morning breaks as the sun rises,

Earth’s gift, that no one despises.

The world sings a victory song,

A non-melancholy tune.

It shall last forever long,

Might it be May or may it be June.

Morning breaks again

Relishing the cycle.

Not a sweeter word spoken.

It comes, arriving, breaking naught.

I dread a day will come when I will wake to find,

No sun in the sky to shine,

Missing would be my peace of mind

Darkness crowned king.

People would mourn for the absence of morning.

Rivers form from frail parched eyes.

But no dismay,

In our life Darkness shan’t reign.

Each day we will be greeted by warm scented array.

Eternal the flame will burn,

Guiding us to paradise

The treasure; our choice to earn.

Every day we will be reminded

Of the Prize.

The sun will always rise.

Morning breaks as birds fly

Never will it die.

In life, meaning, purpose.

Morning breaks.

Sun shining scarlet tangerine.

Morning breaks.