Good Life

Memorial Day

As we wake up and look forward to a day off,

a soldier is walking the streets of a war torn land.

A dangerous place filled with blood and sand.

As we fire up the grill and get ready for a day of fun in the sun,

a Marine's day of hoping to survive has just begun.

Our biggest worry is whether it's going to rain.

They watch their friends die and are filled with so much pain.

Yet they continue forward with no fear,

while we complain because there is not enough beer.

Most of us won't think twice of the true meaning of today.

Yet they risk their lives so we can have the freedom to think in that way.

As we look over our food and try to decide what we want to eat,they are fighting a battle they refuse to lose and are determined not to be beat.

As we enjoy the company of our family and friends,

another hero's life will come to an end.

We will play catch with the football and play horseshoes.

If we only knew. If we only had a clue.

The message that we don't care is not what I'm trying to say.

Just hoping America will soon have a better understanding of Memorial Day.