Good Life

Wake Up my Wife

Another loss and still the palpitating gravels

Crave for the interplay of Sun and clouds,

Shudder in rain and rays.

Tears lost in showers and sucked up by rays

never stand so stoic to tame tremors

collapsing the thin-skinned walls of heart.

The waterfall rushing from heaven,

once enjoyed with you

Seems to fracture into harrowing sobs...

Me, not an alcoholic feel my hands

Moving out of control, free into space

Pulling me to swim in the among

Comments and forged consolations.

Decades ago,

You were my friend and a humorous counterpart

And a rival of my strong-willed reflections.

For years you were my wife, wearing bangles

Striking music upon my affluence and with a soul

sharing same night breath through falling hairs...

My lips yearn for a kiss from the dead now.