Good Life

Destiny, Zen and Jesus

She was five

maybe four

when she stood on a chair to pull on the barrel of a rifle

so that her mother wouldn’t shoot her dad

shoot him in anger

shoot him in disgust

shoot just to be rid of him and for the attention of it all

it was destiny that she was there to play a part in the pathetic scene.

She was 28 when her life

as she learned to live it


when she was reinvented

when all she knew passed away

when she learned to “Let it come in and Let it go out

after all, my child, it won’t be this way forever”

it was Zen that restored her and guided her on.

She was a creature saved by grace

each time home left her

each horrific scene endlessly replayed

over and over in her mind

each time she questioned why

each time she was just a breath from yelling at God

it was Jesus that made her see

clearly and concisely

that He held her safely in His arms

and allowed Destiny to shape her

Zen to teach her

and He, Himself to save her