Good Life

The Lion Weeps Tonight


we draw our lion

weeping tears of rage


we mourn the rape of innocents

when once we cheered

a legacy used

as the excuse

to hide this evil shame.

...this horror has shocked and shaken us to the extreme...


we keep our pride

seeking justice to purge the corrupt

who did not do enough

and covered-up

each child's silent pain.


we come together for healing and redemption

and stand in solidarity

with the victims sacrificed to the god Fame.

Penn State Unified

to do right by the victims

and stand by their side.

Penn State Unity

we will remember our pride

and heal our community.

Penn State Forever

will remember this fact

that those we trusted turned their backs

on these heinous crimes.

Come together against the shame,

together to regain pride in our name

and never forget

the tears, scars, and pain

as if each child were our own

living flesh and bone....