Good Life

2011 in Review

Looking back on the headlines from last year

and all the news that was aired at that time

Some of it was excellent reporting

While some was a complete waste of our time.

I'm sure you remember Kim Kardashian

and her million dollar wedding affair.

Was it really worth all the attention,

since the two are no longer a pair?

And why did we have to keep hearing

about the Lindsy and Snookie charades?

What is it that makes them newsworthy?

Will the attraction for those two ever fade?

How many times did we hear the story,

Alec Baldwin,on a plane,Words With Friends?

And how about those Charlie Sheen antics

We heard of over and over again.

We learned Arnold was still a good actor

and was living an illusive life

Ashton and Demi broke up,it's over

They no longer are husband and wife.

Regis retired from Live With Kelly

Mornings won't be the same in some homes.

Oprah stepped down,to start her Next Chapter

She'll create a new role on her OWN.

Anthony Weiner tweeted some photos

of himself, showing off for some "friends"

Howard Campings sect radio program

prophesied the world would come to an end.

But,more important things happened this past year

Then all the above I have mentioned

Stories that pulled on your heart strings

Stories that really held your attention.

Gabby Giffords was shot by a madmanwho was totally out of his mindTornados swept through Joplin,Missourileaving much devastation behind.

Casey Anthony was found not guilty

A verdict very hard to believe.

Conrad Murray was not so lucky

for Michaels' death there was no reprieve.

Hurricane Irene flooded the East Coast

Remember the earth quake that caused damage,too?

Penn States' Thon raised 9.5 million

It was about time we heard some good news.

In July the Space Shuttle retired

After 30 years of missions in Space.

Ten years had gone by since 9-11

A day Americans in sorrow, embrace.

Radacals,Bin Laden,and Ghadafi

were killed,they're dictators no more

Apples' founder Steve Jobs died from cancer

His company has lost part of its core.

The Occupy Wallstreet Protesters

Took a stand against corruption and greed.

Seventy years had past since Pearl Harbor

That was a momentous battle indeed.

We still have soldiers serving in battle

We pray for soon an end to this war

Prince William married Kate,live from London

That broadcast made the TV ratings soar.

I saved for last, the Sandusky Scandal

and the dismay it has brought to our lives

May the truth soon be out in the open

And all the guilty be idenified!

May this New Year bring a calm to our Valley

and may there be less committing of crimes.

For if we all strived on just being kinder

there'd be more good news in our Daily Times!