Good Life

The Holocaust: Destruction All Around

8th gradePark Forest Middle SchoolTeacher: Mrs. McKee

In destruction I stood;I looked aroundWhat did I see?Devastation everywhere.Nothing left.Just debris.

North I glanced.Whom did I see?People without names;Children without families.Men, women and children alike,Snared and shuffled by one man’s decrees.

South I glanced. What did I see?People who were but numbers,Of what they were, but a piece.Lives destroyed by the thousands,And those who still held on to life: Praying for release.

West I peered,What did I perceive?Smoke arising from human flesh,Hundreds of bodies piled in flame.Homes and possessions taken away,Rivers, fields and roads defiled all the same.

Now East I turned,What tragedy did I observe?Stomachs bloated and ribs apparent,A slice of bread to eat each day. Starving parents and children too,All that was left for them was to pray.

Destruction I see on all sides.Where Chaos rules.And Calamity abides

Let it be written downIn the history of man.The violence I saw.The loss of people and races alike.May such destruction be always remembered; But NeverSeen again.