Good Life


6th gradeMount Nittany Middle SchoolTeacher: Mrs. Campbell


Its darkEveryone’s screamingI am reminded of the train ride herePacked in like cattleStanding in our own waste.I am J10579.

Finally,I see the sunBut this is not the endThey tell us to take our clothing offMy long brown hairGone shaven.I am J10579.

My name is not Sarah any moreI am J10579I am very hungryBut fed like a bird.I am J10579

I, along with friendswork hard in the fields all day,at night I crywondering where my family is.I am J10579.

One day we are herded againBut this time we know we won’t return.It’s dark, I smell gasEveryone’s screamingGoodbye to J10579.