Good Life

Into The Night

6th GradePark Forest Middle SchoolTeacher: Mr. Tranell

Into The Night

The darkeness fills the earth.Our dazzling sun has gone down,A faint cry of a mother giving birth,But no Jew is left to hear in this German town.

Trains are boarded; crowded, musty, and damp,Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers are all parted,All ages of Jews march off to Nazi camps,All through the night, the transportation has started.

Each Jew alive has become a number and given to a block,Please hear our cried of frustrtation,Horror, death and darkness; it tolls one o’clock,Do you hear the frantic cries of desperation?

O gentle night and faithful stars please return,Please hide me from the hostile light,There is no warmth, only those that burn,Oh, please come back pleasant dreams and peaceful night!