Good Life

Poem | One Team

It falls with gravity...

And the force of my hand

Back up it comes, filling my palm

It's natural

Something I have done too many times before

Now it's time

The pace picks up

And faster and faster it falls

Coming right right back up

The pressure is rising

"Keep your head up!" They shout

Keep it moving

Let it go one way, then the next

Take it in

Take a chance

Take a risk

We all mess up

But it is worth it

It falls in, beautiful

Now it's time to turn around

Slide, slide, slide

"Stay on your feet!"

Take a chance

Take a risk

Go after it!

Grab it and push it down

Finish it

End it strong

All together

We begin together

We end together

We put our hands in

They are not open, but they make a fist

5 players coming together as one,

One team