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BookFest PA highlights local, lauded authors

A visit to the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts wouldn’t be complete without recognizing the literary arts, the goal of the fouth annual BookFestPA on July 13. Jointly sponsored by the Arts Fest and Schlow Centre Region Library, the event will feature visits by local and award-winning authors and illustrators.

This year’s event will feature presentations by authors of mystery, children’s titles, memoirs and history while encouraging patrons to celebrate the joy of reading.

Local authors will fill the BookFest tent from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. July 13 and include:

• Gale Martin

•  J. Kelly Poorman

• John Carr

• Jeffrey Frazier

• Alice Breon

• Sylvia Apple

• Penn State Press with a sampling of their terrific writers

• Gloria Mallette

• Denise Kaminsky

• Edward Dionne

• Annie Laurie Harris.

In addition, some local and state authors will hold presentations before heading to the tent for book-signings:

• Anni Matsick, illustrator of the children’s book “Eat It! Food Adventures with Marco Polo, Volume One: Leaving Home”

• Becky Aikman, author of “Saturday Night Widows”

• Charles Todd, author of “Proof of Guilt”

• Andrew Blum, author of “Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet”

• Jodi Moore, author of “Good News Nelson”

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