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Ask Emily | Start with accessories when changing up look

Dear Emily,

I’m trying to rebuild my wardrobe and change my style. I want to feel new when I go into school in September. Do you have any tips for doing that?

Dear Stylish,

Change is a good thing, but you can’t expect your wardrobe to be changed in the snap of your fingers. Clothing is expensive, and it adds up very fast, so let the change of cloths happen subtly.

Start off with accessories. They can change the look of every outfit, and if you’re looking in the right place, they can be very cheap.

Make sure you have the basic things like a favorite white T-shirt and blue jeans. No matter what your style is, it’s likely that you will be wearing the basic things.

If you’re looking to rebuild your wardrobe, take mental notes of things you like and think about how you can craft them on your own. Taking old shirts and pants and cutting them to the style you like really help change your style at an affordable cost, and you can make them be whatever style you like.

Start small and work your way up. Like I said, starting with accessories is helpful and then figure out other things you’d like to add to your wardrobe and slowly add them in. Just make sure not to buy things with money you don’t have. You could regret it later.

As for feeling new this summer, I think getting a brand new hair cut right before school starts is always helpful to feeling fresh. Change something up with your hair. It can be a drastic cut or a streak of blue color, whatever you find fitting.

Though you may be changing your style, don’t forget who you truly are and don’t let a new wardrobe change that.