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Grange Fair | contests

This year we are offering you a challenge rather than a quiz.

We are asking you to get to know some VIP’s. That’s the Very Important People whose dedication, hard work and perseverance make the great Grange Fair happen.

You will need a device that takes a picture, be it a camera, a phone, or other electronic device. You will need to be in the picture yourself, accompanied by one of the VIPs listed below.

Get as many pictures as you can, bring them to the Emporium to be verified, and you will be entered in the contest.

Scores are based on the total number of different categories of VIPs that you have pictured. If there are ties, a random drawing will determine the winner.

You can only enter once and once your have submitted your entry, you will not be able to add to it. The deadline for entry is Wednesday, Aug. 28 at noon. Winners will be announced that evening.

We hope you enjoy meeting all these wonderful folks. Please be courteous when you ask the VIP if she or he will join you in the picture and be sure to say thanks for all they do.

You can have your picture taken with:

1. A gate admission ticket seller

2. A parking crew member

3. A grounds crew member

4. A fairgrounds EMT or first-aid nurse

5. A ride ticket seller

6. A ride operator

7. A concessionaire

8. A staff member at a food concession

9. A 4-H exhibitor and the item/animal exhibited

10. An FFA exhibitor and the item/animal exhibited

11. A livestock judge and one of the animals she/he has judged in the Livestock Arena

12. A playground crew member

13. A Grange Exhibit Building security observer

14. A Competition Track tractor driver

15. A tram operator

16. A stage crew member

17. A rest room attendant

18. A staff member at a game concession

19. A Boy Scout parking lot clean-up crew member

20. A security squad member

21. A horticulture, needlecraft or handicraft exhibitor and item exhibited

22. A Centre County Cooperative Extension agent

23. A Grange Fair librarian

24. A headquarters staff member

25. A member of the media and newspaper/radio/TV station she/he represents

26. A member of the Committee for the Centre County Grange Encampment and Fair