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Health Break | Find the right diabetes clinician to work with you as a partner

When you read the most recent diabetes statistics, what do you think? Twenty-five million Americans have diabetes, which translates into one in 12 people today. If the trend continues, one in three people will have diabetes by 2050. So chances are when you think about diabetes statistics, it’s not just thinking about a number, it’s thinking about someone you know or love, or even yourself.

But living with diabetes doesn’t have to mean suffering. Patient-centered quality care that focuses on helping individuals learn how to manage diabetes is one of the keys to living well with the disease. At Mount Nittany Health, we strive to provide such patient-centered comprehensive care — founded on meeting the highest national standards for quality.

In recognition of this quality diabetes care, clinicians at Mount Nittany Physician Group’s Diabetes Clinic — lead by Dr. Jan Ulbrecht and including a physician’s assistant, nurse practitioners, dedicated nurses, dietitians and certified diabetes educators — recently were recognized by the American Diabetes Association and the National Committee on Quality Assurance for the care we provide to our patients. The diabetes recognition program was developed by the NCQA to set quality standards for care. Practices that receive NCQA recognition have met high standards of care not just for keeping blood sugars under control but also for eye exams, blood-pressure control, cholesterol control, nutrition education and diabetes self-management teaching — all directed at helping people manage their disease and avoid complications from diabetes.

Patients who receive care from NCQA recognized practices see their health care providers more frequently, have fewer hospitalizations and ER visits and have better, healthier outcomes.

Is this certification important to us? Yes, but more important is the quality of our patients’ lives. Our approach is to work with each patient as a team to ensure the best possible outcomes. Such a partnership allows individuals to learn how to best manage all facets of the disease, reduce the risk of complications and live a good life with minimized restrictions from diabetes.

In addition to the services provided at Mount Nittany Physician Group’s diabetes clinic, Mount Nittany Health offers “Life with Diabetes,” a self-management class recognized by the ADA for quality self-management education. We also offer support groups for people living with diabetes as well as for families of children with diabetes. You can learn more about the comprehensive range of services offered by visiting us at

Our team is dedicated to combining the best quality care with a patient-centered focus for each person we see. While 25 million Americans have diabetes, we’re here to provide the highest quality care to our friends, neighbors and their families.