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Ask Emily | High school brings plethora of changes

Dear Emily,

I’m going to be a freshman in high school, and I’m pretty nervous.

I’ve always fit in with most people during middle school, but now I’m scared that I’ll be lost with myself and lose touch with my friends. What do you think I should do to not let that happen?

Dear Freshman,

Brace yourself, because it’s likely that the next four to eight years will be full of emotions, memories, major decision-making and, most importantly, discovering who you truly are and who your true friends are.

I believe that whatever is supposed to happen will happen. High school is all about testing the waters to figure things out. There are so many ways to not lose touch with people in high school. In fact, high school is a place where you can become closer to many people as well as meet many more new people who can become some of your closest friends.

I think you should get involved in your school and in your community, if you are worried about losing yourself and not staying in touch with people. Find something you enjoy and join a club for that activity.

Find some community service that can make you rethink who you are and help others while doing it. Embrace every opportunity that is given to you. If you do that, it will help you become more comfortable with yourself and will build relationships and connections with other people.

Don’t worry about the small things, and even the big things, that you have no control over because it all happens for a reason.

It’s likely that friendships will fade and there will be times where you doubt yourself, but put effort in making and bonding with others and find your inner glow. Just remember high school is one chapter of your life that will fly by in the blink of an eye.

Embrace every single moment of it.

Dear Emily,

What is a good back-to-school outfit for a girl going into freshman year?

Dear Fashion-Forward,

Be comfortable, yet cute!

Do not wear a skirt that you will be tugging at all day, and don’t wear a shirt that you’ll have to be pulling up when you walk past teachers. It’s your first day of high school, and you’ll have enough nervous jitters that you should wear something that makes you comfortable.

The first day is a lot about first impressions. So wear something that you feel fits your personality yet is appropriate for the occasion.

Wearing a cute dress with a jean jacket was my go-to for freshman year and that always works. Something else you could wear is a simple outfit that will show off your personality and attitude more then the fashionable belt and earrings you are wearing. Jean shorts and a cute top is a simple yet comfortable outfit in my opinion.

You have 179 more days after the first day to put together funky outfits, so just remember your first day of school outfit is what the teachers will see for the first time as well as your peers.

Most anything semi-casual is good but just keep in mind comfort, the temperature (because it may still be hot), and your personality when picking it out.