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Ask Emily | Parental support, not pressure, helpful when applying to college

Dear Emily,

My son is starting to apply to colleges. He is unsure of where he wants to go, and I can tell deep down inside he is very overwhelmed and sick to the stomach about it because it is such a big thing to do. He is unsure of where he will get in but is ready for this chapter in his life. From a point of view of a teen, what do you think I should do to help him out?

Dear Parent,

Right now I am on the same exact page as your son. I can easily say this has been the most stressful and overwhelming few months that I’ve had in a while. I personally am stressed to the point where I try to veer away from the topics of college, applications and SATs when the subjects come up at the dinner table.

It is a very uneasy yet exciting feeling all in one. The most important thing I would advise you to do is to not breath down his neck about applying and figuring things out but make sure it is always in his ear that this process is very important. Do not ask him a million questions because he is probably asking himself plenty on his own, but generate conversation that will get him thinking and guide him toward decisions.

He is overwhelmed by the things he has to do already, and the pressure from parents at times only make it worse. Be supportive. Let him know you are there to help, and you want the best for him and to guide him in the right direction.

Sit down and look at different school websites and go through the process with him. If you are unsure on how to look around and apply, set up a meeting with his guidance counselor.

It really is a topic to be discussed between the two of you. Give it a good talk and make sure you do research on the schools before applying. The best thing to do is to let him know you are there for him no matter what.

Dear Emily,

What is the most essential thing in your wardrobe?

Dear Lovely,

This is such a hard question and I can’t pick just pick one thing, so I will list my top three and give you my reasons followed after that.

Black v-neck, flannels and earrings.

First, my black v-neck shirt. It is one of the most used things in my wardrobe because you can add it with anything and it make any outfit look brand new and different. You can dress a v-neck up and you can also dress it down. Black is sexy yet classy all at the same time and flatters all body types.

Second, flannels. I personally believe that flannels go with everything except maybe a prom dress. It is cozy yet cute and fits with majority of outfits. If I am cold, I grab my favorite flannel instead of a pullover hoodie and it still makes my outfit that I have on look adorable.

Finally, earrings. I feel naked without my earrings. If I forget my earrings, my day feels off. It always adds a touch of feminine on all days and, for me, is essential to feel comfortable and even sometimes confident.

All three of my essential things can be mixed and matched with different outfits, which is important when buying new pieces for your wardrobe. The basics are essential.