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Fathering | Run your family like a business

With the increase of year-round sports and travel teams, multiple dance genres, Scouts and music lessons, managing a household has never been more challenging for parents. That’s why there’s a new wave of “family management planning.”

The Wall Street Journal recently featured a family who brought workplace management techniques into their home.

They held weekly family meetings to discuss concerns and plan the upcoming week’s activities.

As the father explained, “Having weekly family meetings increased communication, improved productivity, lowered stress and made everyone much happier to be part of the family team.”

Action ideas

Think back on how your dad and mom “managed” the family chaos. Can you take some of the things that worked back then and incorporate them into your family today?

Explore with your wife the best way to add structure to your family life.

For some, making more of a conscious effort to bring issues up at the dinner table might work better than scheduling a formal meeting.

Increase the chance of bringing your kids “on board” by asking them to contribute to the family meeting topics they think the family should discuss.