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Color us proud: Trio take top prize in CDT contest

Reagan Snavely was inspired by the story of “The Three Little Pigs.”

Scotlynn Sefchick hoped to send her dad and brother to a basketball game.

Ella Kammerer got advice from her sister and ideas from a friend.

And all three are winners in the Kids Fall Coloring Contest, which featured a picture of a scarecrow included in the Centre Daily Times and available online at

“It was fun,” Reagan said.

The CDT received nearly 300 entries in three age divisions: pre-kindergarten; kindergarten through Grade 2; and Grades 3-5.

The promotion was sponsored by Hoover’s Bernina Sewing, Penn State Athletics and Fun Unleashed. Judging was done by employees of the CDT.

While the winning images are on this page, all of the creative entries may be viewed at

Reagan, a 4-year-old from State College, was in the youngest group. She attends Mount Nittany Preschool.

Reagan, her mom and dad and three sisters are staying with her grandparents while her family’s house is being built. Mom is a teacher and grandma is a retired teacher.

Reagan’s scarecrow included cloth patches on his clothes and real straw sticking out of his pant legs and shirt sleeves.

“We’ve been reading ‘The Three Little Pigs,’ ” Brittany Snavely, Reagan’s mother, said. “When she saw the straw arms on the scarecrow, she was talking about the straw house in the story and she said, ‘That wouldn’t be very strong.’ That was fun.”

After visiting Harner Farm to pick out pumpkins, her mother said, Reagan remembered the scarecrows in the corn fields and added them to her picture, too.

“She worked really hard on it for several days,” Brittany said. “It’s very exciting.”

Scotlynn, 6, of State College, was in the middle group, which drew the most entries.

The Park Forest Elementary School first-grader set her scarecrow against a dark night sky complete with stars. She added a tree with autumn foliage, some of which had dropped to the ground.

“She worked on it for three nights, and she put a lot of thought into whether it would be daylight or night,” Lynnette Sefchick, Scotlynn’s mother, said. “She also thought about it being fall, and that’s why there are leaves on the ground.”

One of the prizes for each winner was a pair of tickets to a Penn State basketball game. They also will receive gift certificates to Fun Unleashed.

“(Scotlynn) told her dad if she won, she could send her dad and her little brother to the basketball game,” Lynette said.

“She had a blast. And she made sure she got it just the way she wanted it.”

Ella, 8, of Milroy, had the winning picture in the oldest group. She is a third-grader at Indian Valley Intermediate School.

“She actually is a very persistent kid. She takes her time to get things very neat,” Ella’s mother, Aleta Kammerer, said. “That’s what it was.”

Aleta said Ella watched a friend beat her out for a recent Halloween coloring contest because the friend used sprinkles on her picture.

So the moon and stars in Ella’s scarecrow picture feature sparkling silver sprinkles.

“That’s why she did that,” Aleta said. “She had fun with it.”

Ella also sought out advice from a coloring veteran.

“She asked her older sister about color coordination,” Aleta said. “She asked, ‘How does this look?’ She worked hard.”