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Another opportunity to recycle miscellaneous plastic

Our miscellaneous plastic recycling program is rather popular these days. Our residents are filling up the miscellaneous plastic containers at a record pace. Due to popular demand, we have added a new location to our miscellaneous plastic collection program. There are now four drop-off locations in Centre County.

The newest location for our residents to drop off their miscellaneous plastic for recycling is at the Hamilton Square Shopping Center, 244 W. Hamilton Ave. in State College. We have placed the miscellaneous plastic container behind the plaza, next to the existing recycling drop-off container for plastic bottles, jugs and jars, glass bottles, metal cans and mixed paper.

Examples of miscellaneous plastic accepted include yogurt containers, margarine/butter tubs, cottage cheese containers, sour cream containers, dessert topping containers, strawberry/blueberry/raspberry containers, muffin/baked goods containers, lettuce/salad bar containers and plastic food storage containers, just to name a few. A more comprehensive list can be found at

The miscellaneous plastic container is clearly marked and has a list of do’s and don’ts attached to it. There are some important things to remember when recycling your miscellaneous plastics.

If your miscellaneous plastic does not fit into the opening on the container, it is not accepted in our program. Only items that fit into the container are acceptable.

In addition, please do not leave bags of miscellaneous plastic outside the drop-off container. Place your items one by one in the container opening. Leaving bags outside our drop-off containers is considered illegal dumping.

Many times, the plastic container looks full when in reality, it is not.

If the miscellaneous plastics look piled up inside the container, please use the “plastic pusher” next to the container to push the plastics to the back of the container.

We have three other locations to drop off your miscellaneous plastic. These are:

•  The Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority, 253 Transfer Road, off Route 26, between the Nittany Mall and Rockview Prison.

•  Between the Patton Township Fire Station (2598 Green Tech Drive) and ClearWater Conservancy (2555 N. Atherton St.).

•  Burger King, 901 E. Bishop St., Bellefonte (bin is in the parking lot).

Remember, if your miscellaneous plastic item does not fit into the opening on any of our containers, we cannot accept it in our recycling program.

Examples of items that do not fit into the miscellaneous plastic opening include five gallon buckets, cat littler buckets, large potted plant containers, etc.

Please do not leave these items outside our containers as they attract pests and lead to an unsightly atmosphere.

Thanks for recycling!