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Ask Emily | Cheating boyfriend should be left behind

Dear Emily,

I miss my boyfriend who has, unfortunately, cheated on me three times. I really want to get back with him, but my best girlfriends are telling me that’s the wrong decision. What do you think?

Dear Unsure,

Do not get back with him. It is as simple as that, and that honestly is the best answer I can give to you. You deserve and are worth much more than to tolerate a man that has the gumption to step out on you not only once but three times. There are many fish in the sea, and this fish does not deserve your attention any longer. It is time to move on, as hard as it may sound, but you need to do it. I repeat: Do not get back with him. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Dear Emily,

I’m a senior this year at a smaller high school and have been accepted into college already. I have no motivation now to do any of my work anymore. Is this normal and is this OK?

Dear Senior,

Yes, this is very normal, but no, it is not OK. Stay motivated, as hard as it may be in these last crazy sixth months of high school. You should try to still maintain good grades even though you are in high school (Also note that colleges can take away acceptances if you’re failing a class or not graduating). Because you are having a hard time doing your work, find a new perspective on it. Challenge yourself. Make it a game. Compete with yourself. A new perspective is always interesting and even eye-opening. Now that you know you are going to college, you are in a comfort zone. Step out of the comfort zone and push yourself to get a new view on things. For example, change up the topic you pick on an English essay. If you always chose sports, chose a topic dealing with animals. Embrace learning, because in sixth months you’ll be cramming for tests, writing 16-page research papers and pulling all-nighters to get ready for big finals. Enjoy the simplicity of what high school has brought us and soak up every moment that you have left of it.

Dear Emily,

I really want a pair of Crocs. Navy blue ones, actually. But everyone says they are ugly and hates them. What is your view on them and should I get a pair?

Dear Croc Lover,

It’s funny that you ask. ... I have wanted Crocs for so long, but every time it is brought up I get made fun of.

Go buy yourself that pair of navy blue Crocs and wear them proudly. If you do end up getting a pair, please let me know and you’ll be my motivation to get myself some as well. I do have to admit that I think they are a pretty big statement and looked down upon in today’s generations, but they are very practical and comfortable. Before you know it, you’ll start a trend and you’ll see that other people are starting to slide into those big clunky rubber shoes soon after you get a pair.