Good Life

Ariel Edwards | Pink Zone event an enriching experience

My mother is the type of person who leaves an impression on everyone she meets.

She makes you smile without intending to and makes you laugh at jokes that you never really thought were funny in the first place.

I remember that as I was growing up, I would see her dance in the kitchen while she made that evening’s dinner. I would come in, and we would waltz to whatever tune was blaring on the radio.

To this day, I love that if I send my mom a text saying thank you, I will always get the response “de nada” back.

To me, she smells like coconuts and flowers and is the most beautiful woman in the world. I am so blessed to have a mother like her and to have all of these memories to last me a lifetime.

I am blessed to be a person whose mother was not taken from me because of breast cancer.

As I am a senior this year, I know that this is the last Pink Zone game that I will be attending as a player on the Lady Lion basketball team. I love the Pink Zone game because it is one of the rare chances in life that a person gets to affect such a large group of individuals at one time.

I have met the most beautiful and incredible survivors through this experience, and have made memories that I will tell my children about in the future.

The sad truth is that for every survivor that attends the game each year, I know that there is someone else who has just found out that they have the disease.

There is a little girl somewhere worried that the memories that she has of her mother are all she will have left within a few months.

The Pink Zone game is an incredible event, not only because of the number of survivors who are there in the stands, but also because of the amount of money raised from the game that will make an impact on breast cancer in the future. I am so proud to be a part of this basketball team because of all the lives we are helping to make better.

When I reflect back on my experience playing basketball at Penn State, I will remember this game and all of the smiling faces of the survivors in the stands.

I look forward to the Pink Zone game this year and to being able to play in front of all the survivors that have had such a positive impact on my life.

Ariel Edwards is a 6-3 senior forward with the Lady Lions basketball team. She is the daughter of Everton and Tulia Edwards, and attended Christ the King High School in Elmont, N.Y.