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Ask Emily | After making feelings known, let crush come to you

Dear Emily,

I like a boy in college, and I’m in high school. We’ve known each other for a long time. I’ve tried talking to him first a few times, but he never seems to return the favor. I don’t know what to do because I do want to seem interested, but not desperate. What should I do?

Dear Crush,

You probably don’t want to hear this, but let him talk to you first next time. Yes, it sucks, but let him approach you first now. You’ve reached out to him already, and that is about the most you can do at this point. Don’t get me wrong: You can hint it to him smoothly by continuing to be friendly when you see him, but if he is interested, he will talk to you.

As hard as it may be, do not gawk or get flustered around him. Let him come to you now. Since you have already reached out to him and he hasn’t reciprocated, you could also just not give him attention yet still be pleasant if you do see him around. You could call this playing hard to get or you could call it not being easy. I think that if you play it off the right way and stay true to yourself, then it’ll work out how it is supposed to.

Yes, it may be hard for guys to approach a girl first and it may be hard to not talk to him first, but everything does happen for a reason. You have to keep in mind that he is in college. There is a difference between people in college and people in high school. Things work differently when it comes to that stuff once you graduate high school. If he doesn’t talk to you first, don’t be discouraged. OK, well you can be disappointed for a bit, but then think of it from a new perspective. There are way too many guys in this world to let one get you down. Once you stop searching, looking and hoping for a boy, one (hopefully the boy you are crushing on) will eventually fall in your hands.

Dear Emily,

A trend I found this year is that many girls are wearing sweaters and skirts together? I’ve seen you wearing it actually. I can’t seem to figure out the right way to wear them together to look right. What do you suggest?

Dear Trendy,

I love this look, especially for wintertime on days that you want to be cozy but cute! There are many ways to put skirts and sweaters together. They are very easy to dress up and dress down. The most important thing to it (I believe) is tights. When wearing a dress or skirt in the winter time, I think it is always necessary to wear tights with them. Skin color or dark tights both work great as long as they are on your legs.

As for skirts, I tend to always pick skirts that hit right at my belly button. I find them most flattering on my body because of my curves, so finding a skirt that is flattering to you is important as well. The basic black skirt is always a go-to and goes with everything. Once you have figured out your skirt situation, it is time to pick out the right sweater. I found that because I like skirts that are a little high-waisted, a sweater that is cropped is most flattering. When I say cropped, I mean one that hits right where the skirt starts.

I also believe that the bigger the sweater, the better. Comfort is most important, especially when you are taking the extra few minutes to put on those pain-in-the-butt tights. Right now, warm colors are nice — like browns, blacks and creams — because of the time of the year, but block colors, such as a yellow skirt with a red sweater or a blue skirt with a purple sweater, are very popular as well.

Prints are always nice, as well. If picking print, I would pick a print skirt with a solid color sweater. Once you’ve matched up the skirt and sweater, find the right shoes to go with it. Boots are in and look great with an oversized sweater and cute skirt, but depending on the occasion, heels or flats are always nice as well.

Most importantly, don’t forget about accessories. They pull an outfit together — a long necklace or a statement necklace with simple stud earrings normally does the trick. Hopefully this helps, but there really is no wrong way to wear a skirt and sweater — just remember the tights if the skirt hits at the knee or above! Test things out until you find one that you think looks right together!